How am I doing, Son?

Fun fact: there are two versions of Three Time Daddy: Home Daddy Work Daddy I try to keep the two daddies as far apart as possible so they maintain a nice balance and they don’t interfere with each other (after all, I don’t think the kids would like Work Daddy). As you can probably imagine, […]

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Argh! My kids won’t listen!

It’s a weekday morning and I need to drop two of our kids off at their breakfast club before catching a train to work. Five minutes before departure our 7-year-old isn’t even dressed and won’t look can’t find any clean pants. Our 3-year-old is sulking under the kitchen table because her breakfast is in a […]

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And then there were three…

Becoming Three Time Daddy: Sharing the News Hello and welcome to the first ever post on my first ever blog. I’ve been a three time daddy for three months now and it has gone by unbelievably fast. I remember breaking the news and being surprised how people reacted when compared to our first two children: […]

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