Brilliant Blogger Award

Brilliant Blogger Award Anyone who has been blogging for a while will have noticed various awards being passed out by other bloggers – rather than physical ‘awards’ as such, they are a way to let other bloggers know that you love their work and what they do. Although I’m always pleased to be nominated for […]

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#Dreamteam Linky – Week 105

Guess what guys – this week I am a guest host for the #Dreamteam linky! I am extremely excited about it too. when I first started blogging 10 months ago, it took me a while to join my first one. However the #dreamteam linky has been one that I keep coming back to, so I […]

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My First 100 Days of Blogging

29th June 2017, I remember it well. I followed millions of others who decide to download their thoughts onto the internet for others to read. Yup, I started a blog! I had no idea whether I would be any good, so I gave myself 100 days to be judged (in true American President style) before […]

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