Meet the team

Three Time Daddy

The name gives it away, but I’m the proud dad of three – NJ, Roo and JJ (more about them later).

I started this out this site to share my parenting thoughts and experiences. I’ve never felt responsible enough, mature enough or even capable enough to be a parent of one, let alone three, but I seem to have managed ok so far. Hopefully others feeling the same way can relate to some of it and realise that they’re doing ok too.

NJ – aged 10

Three Time Daddy

NJ is the guinea pig of the family – not literally obviously, but as first born and heir to the family throne, he has had to contend with his mum and dad’s guess work. He is crazy about maths, Minecraft, reading, Pokemon, football, getting as grubby as possible and ‘negotiating’.

Roo – aged 6

Roo is second in line and is certifiably delicious and a little bit nuts. She loves Peppa Pig, her brothers, scooting, ballet, her baby dolls and generally being helpful and happy. She also has an unbelievably loud voice.

JJ – aged 2

I wouldn’t be Three Time Daddy without this little one. As third in line, he’s unfortunately cursed with a lifetime of hand-me-downs. He loves milk, sleeping and saying ugh and goo. Judging by his wild arm movements I think he is a fan of Power Rangers Dino Charge too, but it is a little early to tell.

Three Time Mummy

three time mummy

The team wouldn’t be complete without the mastermind behind it. Like other superheroes, her identity will be kept hidden (that’s what I told her anyway).