Being a dad has changed so much over the years, in particular the last ten. If you look back to the good old days as some people would call it, men would have a rather stand off role as the parent. They would be in charge of bringing home the money, and generally be involved in the fun side of things.

But nowadays dad’s have been forced to be so much more. There are now more single dads than ever before, who are trying to maintain a lifestyle, as well as co-parent at the same time. The single mothers are trying to do the same, but we feel like the dads get a little bit more stick for it. The mum usually resumes the role of the main parent, and depending on how the relationship ended, the child involved can be used as a weapon against the father.

So not only are single dads being forced to be more standoffish, the dads who are still in a relationship and happily married are still being a little more standoffish. We generally work more, we’re tired more, and the mum has just got used to doing everything. But the more you’re involved, the more of a bond you’re going to be able to build with your children.

So if you keep on reading, we’ll show you how you can be a more hands on dad. 

Get Involved With Their Hobbies 


This is the most important one, and in fact one we think that us dad’s get involved with more than anything else. When it comes to sports, most of us dad’s feel in our comfort zone. But to take it one step further, you could become the manage of the little club they’ve found themselves in, as long as you know the sport well. Football and rugby are usually the ones that dad’s understand the most.

You could get a Custom Designed Rugby Kit made for the team, and enter them into a league that plays weekly. The bond you’ll build by doing this will just be amazing! It gives you something to bond over that’s just the two of you. 

Deal With Their Dramas


If there’s one time when raising children that dad’s like to run away, it’s when all of the dramas happen. It usually happens during the teenage years, when boy or girl dramas and hormonal changes create daily moans. So rather than running away from this, become the person they can talk to about anything. Girls and boys are going to benefit from this. If you have a son, they need to have that manly figure raising them right around other women. If you have a girl, they’re always going to need their daddy for a cuddle and a shoulder to cry on! 

More Hands On Than Ever Before


Finally, you should be more hands on than ever by dealing with the tasks that you don’t usually deal with, such as making dinners, doing the washing, and bathing the kids. It’s so nice to see a hands on dad who loves do to everything to help their kids.

Photo by Stephen Dull from Pexels

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