For the third year in a row now, I’ve documented the evolving musical tastes of our eldest, NJ. This annual event started out when I was horrified to find he was enjoying so many child unfriendly songs (take a peak here). Effing this, effing that, words I couldn’t even understand, and noises that made my ears want to bleed. 

Fast forward 2 years and thankfully his music tastes have changed dramatically. I’ve always wanted my kids to like the music I did, and despite the shakey beginnings, things are finally starting to go in the right direction…

The Top Five

Slightly different from previous years, NJ couldn’t put his favourite songs in a particular order. So as at September 2019, these are the five favourite tunes he gave me in the order he said them:

5 – Believer – Imagine Dragons

Ok, I admit I had no idea who these guys were and NJ introduced me to them. Yes, a 9 year old knows more about music than I do apparently. I do think this song is all right, and a million times better than ‘Radioactive’ which is another one of their songs that NJ enjoys singing endlessly.

I thought this was just a Fifa 18 background song rating: 4/5

4 – Distant Past – Everything Everything

A re-entry!

Yes, this one appeared on NJ’s original top five list but was missed off last year. Everything Everything happen to be one of my favourite bands and one I’m happy to tell NJ he has seen perform live (Deershed festival 2016).

Wife still doesn’t like it though rating: 5/5

3 – Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana


My work here is done rating: 100/5

2 – Don’t Look Back In Anger – Oasis

As he is technically a Mancunian, I couldn’t really begrudge NJ liking a bit of Oasis, even though I’m not really a fan.

It’s nice to see him learn some of their songs on the guitar and ask questions about the Gallagher brothers and their songs, although we don’t go too in-depth with the likes of Champagne Supernova or (What’s the Story) Morning Glory.

Meh rating: 3/5

1 – Demons – Imagine Dragons

And Imagine Dragons have a second song in the top five. I must admit there were a lot of songs I thought he would mention that he’s missed off and choosing just five songs seems to have been a tricky task this year.

Parent feeling like he really should know more about Imagine Dragons rating: 10/5

What does this all mean?

So, from grime/rap/hip-hop dominated, to pop and Eurovision, and on to indie and rock in just two years. It will be interesting to see where his musical tastes go from here.

But for the time being, it’s great to be able to put Nirvana’s Nevermind on and not have NJ ask me to turn it off and put Gangnam Style on instead.

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