Somehow the youngest member of the Three Time Daddy family has turned two. Yes Happy Birthday to JJ! 

It’s strange to think that when I first started this ‘brain dumping page’ (I’m still not comfortable calling it a blog) he was barely even 4 months. We were in the middle of night feeds, sterilising bottles and getting used to having 50% more kids.

Now he is two, he is becoming increasingly independent, determined and eager to do what his older siblings can do – he’s growing up and well and truly leaving the baby world behind.

A year ago, I wrote an A to Z list of all things Three Time Daddy to mark me having three kids for a whole 12 months. For this year I thought I would take a different approach and take a look back at the things we’ve said goodbye to now we no longer have a baby in the family.

Goodbye Cold Water Steriliser

It is impossible to understate the significance that this tub of plastic has had on our lives. It’s been a kind of fairy Godmother to us, dutifully looking after us from the beginning when he we inherited it over 9 years ago. Not only has it supported us, but it has done the same for Mrs Three Time Daddy’s sisters when they’ve needed it to.

With three bottle-fed kids it was a true life saver during the painful early days when we didn’t have a clue what we were doing. We’ve never got to grips with the steaming sterilisers (where the bottles don’t stay sterile once you open it) or ones used in the microwave. Using sterilising tablets that do not require the bottles to be rinsed afterwards provded the most convenient for us.

With JJ being the youngest within our extended family, it looks like the steriliser will be able to retire gracefully, knowing that it has enriched so many lives.

Ok, I might be being a little dramatic.

Goodbye Cot-bed

Like the cold water steriliser, our cot-bed has been with us since the beginning. It has survived three house moves, three kids and three transitions from cot to cot-bed. I’m amazed it was still standing by the end and has stood the test of time remarkably well (even with the bite marks where teething children have had a go at gnawing at it).

When it came to say goodbye I considered burning it in a special ceremony of remembrance, but instead decided to recycle the nuts and bolts and part of the wood instead.

Goodbye Night Feeds

With three kids under 10 years old, it occurs to me that I’ve spent over 15% of my parenting life in ‘night feeding’ season. With NJ, he slept through relatively quickly. With Roo, she was a little longer. But with JJ, it went on and on and on and on. Looking back, this was largely due to his dietary issues: he has been dairy-free since an early age due to a cows mile allergy and it took a while for it to be diagnosed.

Now we have officially said goodbye to night feeds, with all the kids now sleeping through to at least 6am on a good day. Although I do admit part of me misses the night-time cuddles, I am glad they are over and our sleep is no longer so broken by the screams of babies.

Goodbye Sperm

Yep, the last year also confirmed that I will not be having any more kids after I had a vasectomy. I have already written about it twice so won’t bore you with the details – you can read part one and part two.

[spoiler alert]

It wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Next up – Goodbye Buggy?

Now JJ is two he’s increasingly mobile, meaning he’s starting to protest sitting in his buggy and wants to walk more. It’s now just a matter of time until he’s on a scooter or balance bike, which means we will get to retire our amazingly portable Bugaboo buggy once and for all (sad face).

So that is my list of things we have said goodbye to now that JJ has turned two – Happy Birthday little man!

Whilst I’m happy to see him grow up, develop and learn new things, part of me is a little sad that a chapter of our lives has been closed for good. If you have kids, is there anything you miss from when they were younger?

Shank You Very Much

9 thoughts on “A Year of Goodbyes: Year 2 of Being Three Time Daddy

  1. Oh yes the steriliser, got me through 3 kids also. Don’t get rid of the buggy, i still miss mine and my youngest is 20 next week, where can i hang my shopping from now?

  2. Awww gosh! Yes. There are so many things that you have to wave goodbye to once the babies have grown. I think the buggy was the biggest thing for us. We had the Bugaboo too (amazing aren’t they). It feels so strange going from always pushing something, to nothing to push anymore. Thanks for stopping by the #dreamteam – loved this post!

  3. I’ve never heard of a cold water steriliser! Every day’s a school day and all that. With only having the one child I find I’m constantly remembering and noticing all of the stages we’ve gone through with her. One of the things I miss is walking around with her in the baby harness, she used to lick it something rotten and giggle away when it was windy! #TriumphantTales

  4. I seem to be finding lots of ‘last times’ lately but I’ve also come to realise that there are so many ‘last times’ that you don’t even realise are ‘last times’ until they’ve been and gone. The holiday we have just been on is a fine example. I had no idea that the last holiday we went on before this one would be the last one where my little man wanted me all the time. This year was totally different. He spent most of his time in the pool and couldn’t care less what Mama was up to! It was SO strange! Why do they have to grow up so quickly?! Thank you for sharing this with #TriumphantTales. Do come back next week!

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