Hello and welcome to our new parenting game!

How many times has someone told you that you have your hands full?

Yes, there is a screaming kid wrapped around your ankles while you’re buying your lunch.

You could be chasing after a toddler who has gone rogue and is darting down a supermarket wine aisle.

You might even be living on 2 hours sleep, herding three yelling kids, and struggling to pull open a push only door.

The last thing you need is a sympathetic ‘ahhhhh, you’ve got your hands full there’ from a random stranger, but no doubt one will arrive.

But has anyone ever said you have your hands full of puke? Or poop? Or snot? If not, they certainly should – you’ve probably earned it.

Let’s face it, as parents we’ve all had to do something disgusting that we would have been sickened by before we had kids. For me, it is sucking snot out of my child’s nose or having one puke in my face/mouth in public and having to calmly deal with it rather than be utterly horrified.

So in celebration of all the truly disgusting things we’ve had to do in the name of child raising, have a go at our new parenting game below!

I welcome your feedback – if you have enjoyed this and have your own horrific tales to tell, please feel free to let me know. I will be expanding the game over time so may even add yours to it!

Shank You Very Much

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