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At the Three Time Daddy household we are blessed with three book-loving kids. Although it means we’re always tripping over books and our shelves are over-flowing, it is handy when it comes to Christmas because there is always a new book to find that they will love as a present.

For all the books we have amassed so far, it is refreshing to find a book that is as beautifully illustrated and engaging as Animalphabet.

Animalphabet is a wonderful new book from Julia Donaldson and illustrator Sharon King-Chai which guides us through the animal world alphabetically. It isn’t a straightforward story or a list of colourful animals alongside a letter of the alphabet. Instead, it starts off with (spoiler alert) an Ant and turns into an interactive guessing game: beautiful images, clever flaps and peep-through sections give a hint of what comes next.

Aimed at kids aged 3-6, it proved perfect for my daughter Roo (aged 5). She loved turning the pages and trying to guess what animal was coming up next by following hints like ‘who is bigger than a deer?’ or ‘who is spottier than a kangaroo?’

Although at first I thought they would be obvious, the animals are not the usual zoo-friendly ones. There are no lions, giraffes or rhinos, but it kept Roo on her toes and introduced her to some new exotic animals too.

The foldout flaps and peep-through sections are also unpredictable,  varied and well suited to the beautiful illustrations, Some pages fold out fully while others are small sections that fold up or down and reveal some text or a new image. They did a great job at keeping Roo engaged and added to her exploration and enjoyment.

As with many young families, Julia Donaldson has always been a favourite of ours. Not only have our kids grown up with the likes of Stick Man and Tabby McTatt, we’ve also used her Songbirds phonics collection with Roo and her older brother NJ when they learnt to read.

Roo loved reading Animalphabet too and was very proud of herself when she finished it. The sentences are short and printed in larger letters so she was able to read through the book at a comfortable pace without getting tired.

Not only is Animalphabet a perfect addition for our over-flowing collection, it would be a memorable and unique gift for a young child or an early reader.

It is available to buy on online here.

What to see more? Check out the YouTube video from MacMillan Kids books here:

Disclosure: we were sent a free copy of this book for an honest review. All views and opinions are genuine and our own.

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