Songs For My Kids: 30-day Song Challenge Day 30

Songs For My Kids: 30-day Song Challenge Day 30

Welcome to Day 30, the final part of this 30-day song challenge – I started this personal challenge as a way to document my taste in music so that if my kids are ever interested they can see the sort of stuff their dad was into. If you want to see what songs I’ve picked for previous days, you can start with day 29 here.

A song that reminds you of yourself

Well, this is the final song and it draws this challenge to a close. Looking back, there are so many bands and songs that I would have liked to include but sadly I ran out of days.

But back to Day 30. Way back on Day 4 I chose a song that reminded me of a younger version of myself. Rather than repeat this I picked a song that makes me think of my entire childhood, of growing older, growing apart from friends and yearning for what has been lost.

‘Suburban War’ by Arcade Fire.

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