Songs For My Kids: 30-day Song Challenge Day 24

Songs For My Kids: 30-day Song Challenge Day 24

Welcome to Day 24 of this 30-day song challenge – I started this personal challenge as a way to document my taste in music so that if my kids are ever interested they can see the sort of stuff their dad was into. If you want to see what songs I’ve picked for previous days, you can start with day 23 here.

A song by a band you wish were still together

When there are so many bands that churn out the same old formulaic rubbish year after year, I thought it was a shame that such an inventive band like Wild Beasts choose to call it a day in 2017.

I first discovered them in 2009 after hearing their ‘Two Dancers’ album. It quickly became one of my favourites – with the flamboyant falsetto of their lead singer coupled with the rich baritone of their guitarist, it sounded so unique and cohesive compared to other albums at the time. Three albums followed, each sounding different from the last, and then they split. In a way I guess I should be glad they ended on a high.

This suitably titled song is the final track from their third album ‘Smother’.

‘End Comes Too Soon’ by Wild Beasts.

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