Songs For My Kids: 30-day Song Challenge Day 15

Songs For My Kids: 30-day Song Challenge Day 15

Welcome to Day 15 of this 30-day song challenge – the halfway point!!

I started this personal challenge as a way to document my taste in music so that if my kids are ever interested they can see the sort of stuff their dad was into. If you want to see what songs I’ve picked for previous days, you can start with day 14 here.

A song you like that’s a cover by another artist

There’s rarely anything to be gained by releasing a cover version. Sure, it may be a bit of fun hearing a well known classic played in a different way, but these are few and far between and most of the time it is doomed to failure. There are probably only a handful of covers I can think of off the top of my head that are worth any attention – these are ones that are so far removed from the original and unique that they may as well be an entirely different song.

As someone living in Manchester, I feel a bit controversial choosing this song but I much prefer it to the over-played original. For me it simply feels more heartfelt and honest.

‘Wonderwall’ by Ryan Adams

And as if you really need to know: the original is by Oasis.

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