Songs For My Kids: 30-day Song Challenge Day 12

Songs For My Kids: 30-day Song Challenge Day 12

Welcome to Day 12 of this 30-day song challenge. As mentioned, I’ve started this personal challenge as a way to document my taste in music so that if my kids are ever interested they can see the sort of stuff their dad was into.

A song from your preteen years

For my preteen years, we’ll have to go a long way back but I’ve chosen a song which pinpoints the moment my musical taste switched from novelty children’s songs (‘Do the Bartman’ or ‘Turtle Power’) to REAL and GROWNUP music.

I’ve already mentioned it a previous post where I list NJ’s top five favourite songs, but this song simply blew me away when I first saw the video on TV.

I was 11 at the time and it was like nothing I had seen or heard before.

The video had everything: robots, angry looking men, Arnie (I knew he was a big deal, I don’t know how), guns, explosions and motorbikes, but it was the sound of those drums, the sense of danger and drama, THAT guitar sound and the screeching vocals that had me hooked.

‘You Could Be Mine’ by Guns N Roses

Day 11 can be found here.

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