Dad Diary #8 – Just So Shenanigans

Welcome to Dad Diary #8

It’s hard to believe that this time last week we were at the Just So Festival at Rode Hall (north of Stoke). It is a brilliant family-centred festival full of activities, performance arts, workshops and music.

The kids had a fantastic time and got to dress up as foxes as part of the festival’s ‘Tribal Tournament’ – this is a great part of the festival where you pick a ‘tribe’ based on one of seven animals such as bees, foxes and lions. Throughout the weekend kids collect gold pebbles and the tribe with the most wins the Tournament. NJ and Roo loved sporting their fluffy fox tails and increasingly smudged face paint.

Here, Roo is enjoying a bit of may pole dancing – she missed out on doing it last year when we went to the festival so made sure we made it this time around.

dad diary we visit just so

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