If your kids are anything like mine, then they LOVE making noise. If they’re not running around screaming or bickering, they’re constantly asking questions like ‘What’s for dinner?’ and ‘When will dinner be ready’ or even ‘Can we have pizza for dinner?’

So when a game like Soundiculous comes along, which encourages them to make all sorts of ridiculous noises, I thought it would be perfect for my family.

What’s it all about?

Soundicilous is a brand new game from the creators of Randomise and the premise is simple: make all sorts of ridiculous sounds and guess what sounds other players are making.

You start off with a pile of cards spread out in the middle (five cards per player) and take turns choosing one and attempting to make the sound of whatever is written on them.

The words range from easy (car, monkey, goat), to medium (jungle, fire, hospital) and then hard if you’re feeling confident (boxing, windchimes, bubbles). You’re not allowed to say any words or give any hints and have to sit on your hands so you’re not tempted to make any gestures – the latter is a lot harder to avoid than I thought.

All the other players have to guess what is written on your card and if they get it right, both you and the correct guesser wins the points (1 point for Easy, 2 for Medium and 3 for Hard). If you say any words or at least half the guessers give up your turn is over and you get none.

When all the cards have been played, the player with the most points wins.

Soundiculous game
Three piles of cards for the three difficulties
Soundiculous game
Example of some of the ‘medium’ cards

How did we get on?

Soundiculous is aimed at ages 8 and over but Roo (nearly 5) wanted to play too so we focused on the easy sounds. She is just grasping reading for herself, but she definitely needed some help and hints on how to translate some of the words into sounds.

NJ (nearly 9) didn’t have any trouble picking up the rules and got stuck in and loved it. To be honest, they both had so much fun playing out the various daft sounds that the ‘competition’ side of things took a  bit of a back seat.

We also happened to visit the Grandparents as well and they enjoyed playing too (Granddad was a bit of a pro).

Soundiculous game

What did we think of Soundiculous?

If you’ve read my Randomise review, you will know the things I look for when picking a game to play with the kids:

  1. Will it give them the chance to be creative?
  2. Will I have to spend two hours explaining the rules?
  3. Will it leave thousands of bits all over the house that will inevitably get lost?
  4. Will it be too hard and make one of them cry with a) frustration b) anger or c) disappointment?

Soundiculous scores favourably in all these areas. It comes in a compact box that is relatively small – it is basically the size of two packs of playing cards, so nice and light.

The rules are super easy and quick to pick up – from opening the box to actually playing took a matter of minutes and there were no quibbles over scoring or rules.

The kids got to use their imagination and be creative with sounds too, which is great, and it was interesting to see how their thought patterns worked – NJ for instance found it easy to do an electric toothbrush but the sound for a trumpet was way off!

Everyone had lots of fun and it is definitely a game we’ll keep coming back to. Overall, we would recommend Soundiculous to any families looking for a fun, silly game that isn’t difficult to pick up and will keep the kids occupied. It is currently available to buy on Amazon here.

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  1. I’ve not heard of this one but it sounds like it’s got my son’s name written all over it. I search for the mute button daily! Thanks for sharing with us at #TriumphantTales, we’d love to see you back again next week.

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