This weekend we ventured over to Inflata Nation in Manchester, the UK’s first permanent indoor inflatable theme park.

When I heard about it I thought it sounded amazing – after all, everyone loves a bouncy castle and this would be a whole warehouse full of them. Over the last year, our two eldest NJ (8) and Roo (4) had discovered a love of trampoline parks so I knew that they would enjoy bouncing around for an hour.

Booking & Checking In

If you’re thinking of going, make sure you book in advance. It is very easy to book tickets online – simply choose the park you want to visit (currently Manchester and Cheshire), select the number of visitors and pick a date. The process is really intuitive and really couldn’t be any simpler. Bookings are made in hour slots and it was clear which ones were fully booked and available.

Current prices per hour (for Manchester) are:

  • £4.95 – children up to 4 (+£3 for an extra hour)
  • £9.95 – children 4 to 15 (+£7 for an extra hour)
  • £9.95 – adults (+£7 for an extra hour)

When we arrived it was relatively quiet so we didn’t have to queue for long to get our wristbands and sign waiver forms. Inside there are free lockers available by the entrance which we found incredibly useful for emptying pockets into.

And socks! Having been to several trampoline parks in the past and amassed the special non-slip socks, we thought we were being clever by bringing them with us. However, you just need normal ones. Socks are compulsory though, but you should be able to buy some at the desk if you’re caught bare footed.

Get Bouncing!

Once inside the main park area, there are loads of activities to get stuck in to, such as big slides, a climbing wall, an assault course, a series of huge balls that you have to jump across and the biggest ball pool I have ever seen. The kids didn’t waste any time running off whereas I found it a little harder getting used to walking on the constantly moving surface.

inflata nation
Chasing Roo through the assault course

I had a go at racing Roo through the assault course. This involved squeezing through gaps, jumping over a ball pool ‘moat’ and finished off on a slide. Naturally, Roo won and I managed to somehow get a friction burn on my chin!

There is also a designated area for little ones as well – although JJ (1) wanted to follow his siblings around, the smaller area was a lot less hectic and there was no risk of him being accidentally clattered by anyone running past.

One thing I would say is: prepare to sweat! It was so hot inside that after 10 minutes jumping around I needed a rest. The kids didn’t seem to care but as there was no air conditioning we made sure they had regular drinks.

Although it was busy, I was surprised by the number of grown-ups who were there without kids – there were even a couple of hen parties. There is a cafe just next door to the main part of the park so it is easy to get a quick drink or bite to eat. Although we didn’t stay for food, when our hour was up we did pop in for slushies too cool us down, which did the trick.


Overall, an hour was just about the right amount of time to stay. NJ and Roo had great fun and were begging to come back again. This is definitely more fun for older kids and I probably wouldn’t bother if ours were under 4/5. Also, as a family of five, it is probably a bit expensive for a visit to be a regular occurrence but I’m sure we will be back as a treat or for a party in the future.

Interested in going? You can book tickets online here. Although they only have two sites at present, keep checking your area as there are plans to open lots more soon.

Disclosure: we were all given free tickets in return for an honest review – all view and opinions are my own.

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  1. #thesatsesh hmm…is it wrong that as i read this i thought – can i leave my child at home. haha, love a bouncy castle me 🙂 great review hun

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