Happy Birthday ThreeTimeDaddy – My First Year Review

It’s June and that can mean only one thing. The start of summer? No not that. The start of the World Cup? Wrong. Wimbledon? Seriously, stop it now. June marks the 1st birthday of my little piece of the internet: https://threetimedaddy.co.uk.

I don’t want to call it a blog. I hate the word ‘blog’, to be honest. So I’m just doing to call it my Brain Dumping Area. Happy Birthday, Brain Dumping Area! Here is a cake (ok, a sundae):

Now that is out the way, what am I going to do to mark the occasion? Well, I have a few things planned during the month, but the first is a brief celebration of my top ten most read posts over the last year.










And finally… wait for it…


So that’s it. My top ten posts. All that is left now is to celebrate…


Oh, and spare a thought for my least popular post of the last 12 months and 3 people who suffered it…

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