Dad Diary #6 – We Play Scotland Yard Junior

Welcome to Dad Diary #6

NJ and Roo love board games – however, they think they like computer games and TV more. This, combined with busy weekends, means that they often don’t find the time to sit down with a board game and enjoy it without any distractions. Or their little brother trying to chew the pieces or sit on the main board.

I hadn’t actually heard of Scotland Yard Junior before but this was recommended to us by a friend. The idea is to ‘catch’ the elusive criminal Mister X by travelling on different modes of transport with a limited number of tickets. NJ was acting as Mister X – hence the visor to shield where he was looking and the direction he was planning to go. Roo and I had to act as a team and try to catch him. It is a relatively straightforward game which required a bit of problem-solving and strategy.

In a world so dominated by technology and electronic screens, it is always nice to see the kids ‘unplugged’ and enjoying time together.

Dad diary - NJ and Roo play Scotland Yard Junior

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