Dad Diary #5 – Back at Greenwood Forest Park

Welcome to Dad Diary #5

As our camping holiday and two-week half-term (yes, I said two-week) drew to a close, we found ourselves back at the Greenwood Forest Park. If you’ve never heard of it before, it is an amazing family theme park in north Wales (Y Felinheli, near Anglesey) that is wonderfully integrated within its surroundings and lots of fun for young kids. We went for the first time last year (and I wrote a review about it here) and loved it so much we came back again.

Unfortunately, we were running late and couldn’t stay as long as we would have liked, but we still had the change to swing by all best bits and spend some time with this rock before the 2-hour drive home.

It isn’t just any rock – it is apparently 400 million years old. Older than dinosaurs, which blew NJ’s mind a little. I love this photo because it captures two happy kids at the end of what was the ‘best holiday ever’.

Dad diary greenwood forest sat on 400 million year old rock

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