This is a guest post by Margaret Ellis, owner of Cleaners Chiswick – a small cleaning agency. 

The hardest work is being a parent. You put numerous hours of effort to make everything right and to take good care for the family and the household. What if there were some ways to learn your kids how to help you with cleaning and make it interesting to them. Here is a short list of some tips and tricks to involve the kiddos in the cleaning activities.

Make it a Game

You can make chores fun to kids by setting some kind of a game. For example who can make their bed faster, or who can pick their own toys and arrange them first. Also, you can choose a color and give your kid the task to find all of the items with this color and put them in one place. Another thing you can do is attaching soaked into soapy water sponges to your kids and make it a sort of a challenge.

Clock Challenge

Give every participant different cleaning tasks to do. Then set a timer for a few minutes, depending on the activity they are doing, and whoever wins gets a prize. You can take this activity to a higher level by creating a chart with the chores, the winners and different prizes. Also, a chart is a good way to make a schedule for the cleaning activities.

The Laundry Basket Weapon

The house is a mess! You can get angry or you can get creative. Take the laundry basket and collect all of the items that are scattered around waiting to be captured. After your kids come home, give them the task to put everything in its rightful place. The trick here is that they will not be allowed to do anything else before the task is complete.

Homemade Collage

Clean around and under the furniture in all the rooms. It is inevitable finding different objects. After that, with the kind help of your kids you can glue them to paper and make funny shapes and figures. Another positive side of this is that you get a memory handmade by your family and we know these are precious.

The Checklist

Kids have imagination, but they think different than you. Cleaning a room like you would do it, is not how things work. You can clean the room with your kid a few times at the beginning and help the process by making a checklist. This way the kid will know exactly what needs to be done in order to mark the task done and keep on with the cleaning.

Get Dirty

Put gloves or socks, or attach a cloth to the hands of your kids, but they must not be a dark color. Tell them they have to clean the shelves and furniture in the whole house by hand. Whoever gets his gloves as dirty as possible is the winner of the day.

Dress up

Another way to make cleaning interesting for your kid is to dress them in different costumes. For example, superman or batman can also be hardworking when it comes to cleaning chores. As a part of the game you can also dress up like a housemaid and take part of the contest too.

Next time you are cleaning the house get the whole family involved. Who knows how much fun cleaning can be. Play games, win prizes and most importantly smile and laugh a lot. If you follow some of these tips, at the end of the day you will get a clean house and exhausted kids. And is it not lovely when they are ready to sleep and you do not have to make them do it.

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