Since Jasperino turned one last month he has developed a fascination with books. He loves sitting with an open book, feeling the pages and laughing at the pictures. With two older children, we have amassed hundreds of different books over the years, but one thing I’ve noticed is that we seem to have a shortage of interactive books with different textures to feel or flaps to open.

Thankfully, we were given the chance to review two interactive ‘My First Touch & Find’ books from Campbell Books – Farm and Park. Both books are bright and colourful and are specifically aimed at children aged 6-18 months old – perfect for Jasperino.

Each page has a patch of different types of material to touch and feel. The Farm book has lots of animals, such as a sheep’s woolly fleece, a goat’s shaggy fur and pig’s squidgy belly (Jasperino’s favourite and one I found strangely satisfying to squidge too!). The Park book has is full of things you’d find at your local park, such as a shiny slide, soft blanket and fluffy duck.

On each page there is a large flap to lift or peek through and there is something to count or look for on each one such as ‘who had the biggest ice cream?’ and ‘what colour were the ducklings?’ This means that there are lots of detail to discover about beyond the textured patches, such as a picnic with lots of different types of food.

Jasperino really loved exploring these books and they are the perfect way to learn new words and associate different textures with words. Not only that, the interactive nature of the books makes it much more fun than a simple picture book that we would read to him.

These two books can be found on Amazon here and you can read more about Campbell Books here.

Disclaimer: we were sent the two books in exchange for an honest review.

6 thoughts on “Review: My First Touch & Find Books

  1. They would have been right up my daughter’s alley when she was that age! Toddlers sure do love a tactile book!

  2. Reminds me of the “That’s Not My…” books which all of ours loved #thatsnotmysheep #itstoofluffy

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