Happy Birthday to JJ! And me, in a way.

Yes, it has been a year since ‘Double Daddy’ became ‘Three Time Daddy’. Now JJ is one-year-old I thought I would mark the occasion with an A to Z list of all things Three Time Daddy.

Firstly, I must confess no one ever called me Double Daddy – I thought that up just now. In retrospect it sounds a little weird, like it would be my wrestler name.

Three Time daddy

Unfortunately for all concerned, the train for that particular career choice departed the station a long time ago.

Secondly, another confession. Now that I have three kids, there’s absolutely no way I have the mental capacity to think of 26 things that cover the entire alphabet. I struggle to even think of 26 things, so I apologise:

Disclosure: does not include entire A-Z.

Though the haze of being half asleep during the day and half awake during the night, I will of course try my best. As this is the same advice I give my children, it can’t be all bad.

So, here goes:

A is for Attention, which is something that I worried about a lot when we found out we were having a third child. We were about to be buried in nappies, formula, night feeds and all things baby again. I wouldn’t be able to give NJ and Roo as much attention as I would like, or they would want and be used to. I felt an enormous amount of guilt, knowing that we were about to upset their equilibrium. Now JJ is here, they both adore him and show no signs of jealousy or resentment towards him, which was also a worry. Although there has obviously been some changes to our family dynamic, we have tried to give them all as much attention as possible.

B is for Bikes, as Roo cracked her transition from balance bike to pedal bike, without the need for stabilisers.

C is for Camping. Camping x 2 actually. Last summer we went camping for two weekends in a row and before we actually did it, it filled me with nervous trepidation. Sleeping in a freezing tent with a five-month-old? No running water for sterilising bottles? Keeping the whole campsite awake with night feeds and crying? I’m pleased to report it we kept warm, entertained and survived. It didn’t even rain much and for the first time in my life I was woken by a distant sheep bleating loudly. C is also for Carobel, something we fed JJ to help his dietary issues, and Calpol obviously.

D is for Dairy, something we tried not to feed JJ to help his dietary issues. Although we’ve not gone full-Vegan, going diary-free for JJ has opened my eyes to just how many types of food have some sort of milk content in then. I’ve even made a dairy free cake that everyone loves – link drop.

G is for Gaviscon and Gripe Water, something we fed JJ to help his dietary issues. It is also for Gusatron, our new cat. Say hello Gusatron:

Say hello to a new member of the family #justchillin

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H is for Hipp Organic, something we fed JJ to help his dietary issues.

J is for Just So Festival – we went to this family festival in August and had a great time camping, exploring, taking part in workshops, listening to various shows, presentations and music acts. Watching the kids take part in a huge pillow fight on the last day was great too, and NJ proved chivalry isn’t dead (pic below). We’ve already booked tickets for next year. It is largely arts and performance based, and probably more suitable for pre-teen kids, but we can’t wait to go back.

three time daddy just so
Just So Pillow Fight

L is for Lou-man, who is sadly gone but not forgotten – link drop.

N is for Neocate LCP, something we still feed JJ to help with his dietary issues. It is a hypoallergenic, amino acid-based formula that was prescribed after a suspected cow milk allergy. It tastes/smells horrendous but it is the only formula that has worked for us and he is a completely different child since we were prescribed it.

R is for Ranitidine, something we still feed JJ with to help his dietary issues. It is a medicine to help with his silent reflux. Speaking of which…

S is for Silent Reflux, a symptom of JJ’s dietary issues. The first few months of his life was dominated by griping, cramps, coughing, feeding problems, inconsolable crying fits and general discomfort. It was eventually diagnosed as silent reflux and he was prescribed Ranitidine to deal with it.

T is for Time – hand in hand with attention, NJ and Roo have had to deal with having less time with their parents and more time entertaining themselves (which I think is important). Before kids I never really appreciated just how valuable time was, how important it was to use it wisely and just how fleeting it can all be. Now I struggle to keep on top of raising three kids, a full-time job, maintaining this blog and writing other stuff in my spare time.

V is for Vasectomy. Still not booked in (Don’t tell Mrs Three Time Daddy).

W is for Website. You’re literally looking at it and this time last year I didn’t have any website knowledge, know how WordPress worked, know what domain authority was, or know how to assign an SSL certificate. It’s debatable whether I know any of that now, but https://threetimedaddy.co.uk is currently online, and that in itself is a minor miracle.

X is for X-ray, when NJ twisted his ankle playing football in the garden we were worried he’d broken it so cue trip to the hospital. Every single person who worked at the hospital were amazing, from receptionists, triage nurses and Radiologists, right down to the car park security guard who let us off when I realised I had lost our parking ticket. The NHS is awesome.

Z is for Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz, or lack of. After a year, JJ is still not sleeping through the night and wakes for a night feed. With NJ and Roo, they were sleeping through and in their own rooms by 6 months, but baby number three has been a lot slower in grasping that darkness = sleeping. There are days I feel completely exhausted and frequently find myself falling asleep on the sofa, yet no matter how tired I feel I look at these guys and realise I wouldn’t change a thing.

Three Time daddy

So, that’s my incomplete A to Z. As it technically had A and Z in it, I think that is close enough.

Happy Birthday JJ! Woo hoo!

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  1. Fab list R and S bring back memories one of our suffered from silent reflux, hard times Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

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