Dad Wins #2

Welcome to ‘Dad Wins’ – a series aimed at helping dads get some quick wins at home by doing things they either wouldn’t usually do. This might be because they’re too busy, someone else usually does it, or simply because they don’t have a clue where to start. Obviously, mums can get quick wins too, but dads get bonus points.

This is my second ‘Dad Win’ and one that proved not only popular with the kids, but very useful too. Anyone with kids will probably have a collection of battered old wax crayons somewhere in the house. The labels will be peeling off, they will be snapped in half or they may even have traces of bogeys from being stuff up noses. Ok, maybe not the latter one, but this tip will revitalise your wax crayons (yes I just wrote that).

three time daddy dad wins

As they are wax, they can be melted down and molded into another shape – in our case, Star Wars ones. However, it that isn’t your thing then you can turn them into something else. Basically, say goodbye to boring old pen shaped crayons and say hello to exciting ones!

Recycled Crayons

You can of course use any other mold you may have, but I recommend you make sure they are silicone, aren’t too deep and you don’t mind them getting mucky/ruined.

All you need:

  • Some crayons, obviously, that are more or less the same colour
  • A mold… again fairly obvious
  • An empty fizzy drinks can, or even a beer can or gin in a tin etc

What to do:

1. Sort the crayons out into piles and peel off any labels or anything else that shouldn’t be there.

three tie daddy dad wins

2. Snap them into smaller pieces, as this helps them melt.

3. Being careful, take the top of the fizzy drinks can with some scissors. You can do it!

4. Put some water in a sauce pan – only an inch or so deep. Basically you don’t want water splashing into the can and mixing with the wax.

5. Pop the crayons in the can and place the can in the saucepan. Boil the water and watch the wax melt.

three time daddy dad wins

6. When completely runny with no lumpy bits, get ready to pour. This is the tricky bit as you don’t want to get burned by the hot water or wax. Use tongs, gloves, pincers, forks, whatever you have to be able to lift the can out of the water.

three time daddy dad wins

7. Gently pour the wax into the mold. Take it slow so that the mold shape gets filled up completely without over flowing.

8. Leave it to cool – wax with set very quickly so it won’t take long.

9. Bust them out of the mold and you’re done. These are some of the other ones we’ve made with green and blue crayons:

three time daddy dad wins

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