4 Maintenance Tips To Stay Safe When Driving

Car Safety & Maintenance

Disclosure: this sponsored post was produced in association with Ossett Tyre House, but all content remains genuine and my own. 

Following the recent period of cold and snowy weather, I have been thinking a lot more about car safety and maintenance and how important it is when travelling with my family. With three young kids, the last thing we want is to risk getting into an accident or have our car breaking down because I’m too busy/lazy to check a few simple things.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to us recently when our boot jammed and we couldn’t get it to open no matter how many times we locked/unlocked the car or panicked about how we were going to get our shopping and buggy home. When we got that fixed, we found out that two tyres were below their legal limit and the oil was running low. It is not a great example of keeping our car maintained, especially as tyres and oil are things I can check myself. No matter how safely I drive, it simply isn’t safe enough unless I keep our car fit for the road.

So, here are 4 maintenance tips you can try to help you stay safe when driving:

1. Tyres & Brakes

Worn or under-inflated tyres will not only reduce your ability to control your car but they can also significantly increase fuel consumption. It’s always worth visually checking the condition of tyres, looking for bald spots, signs of uneven wear or any objects sticking in them that could cause a puncture or leak. In cold weather, tyre pressure can naturally decrease so make sure you check the PSI is at the recommended levels.

Be aware of your brakes too – listen out for any grinding or squealing and get them serviced if you think they aren’t working as well as they should. The last thing you want is to find out there is a problem when you need to make an emergency stop.

2. Lights

Make sure all your lights work and are kept clean – I’ve lost count of the times we’ve had a service or MOT and the garage has had to replace a bulb here or there. It’s such a simple thing to do and can make all the difference when driving in poor conditions.

3. Windshield & Wipers

It sounds obvious, but you must have a good view of the road through the windscreen, which means wipers and washers must work properly. Check the blades of the wipers are clean and that screen wash is topped up. Gritted roads in winter mean your windscreen can quickly get grubby. Also, check for any damage or chips to your windscreen as this can compromise the overall strength and safety of the glass.

4. Oil

As well as screenwash, you can also easily check for the oil levels in your car and as I’ve already said, this is something I’m guilty of forgetting. Cars need oil to run properly as it lubricates all the moving parts inside the engine. Letting car run on low oil can wear down crucial parts inside the engine.

Time for an MOT?

Although these tips cover steps you can take to maintain your car and keep it running, eventually it will need an official MOT.

If you live in the Wakefield area, Ossett Tyre House can provide an MOT check and ensure your car will continue to be road-worthy and safe. They are a family-run garage and has been trading for over 40 years.


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