I must admit that since becoming a dad I think about socks a little too much. My life is a constant sock-related battle with failed attempts at matching them up, wondering how it is possible to have 53 odd socks, yelling at my son ten times a day to actually put his on, and even confusion over how my socks get so many holes. Yet a dad can never, ever have enough socks.

It is the same for underwear. I’ve been thinking a lot about those as well since my own boxers ended up being the virtually the same size as my 8 year old son’s.

How did I let this happen? Had they shrunk in the wash or am I in denial that I don’t fit the same size as I did 20 years ago? One thing is for certain: my underwear drawer needs an overhaul.

That is why I was so happy when bodybranded.com sent me some nice new Ben Sherman boxer shorts and socks to try out.

To be honest, if I am ever buying underwear for myself I tend to go as cheap as possible but these sets have shown me the error of my ways.

The quality is amazing – the boxers are very soft and fit extremely well. I’ve worn boxers in the past that either ride up my thigh, rub, and be generally annoying but with these there were no such issues. The socks felt very comfortable too. They are thin, but not too thin, and after a day at work, my feet still felt fresh. They went well with my work suit as well as with more casual wear at the weekend and was more than happy.

Overall I would definitely recommend them to any fellow dads looking for some top quality additions to their underwear drawer (what dad isn’t?), or to anyone looking to buy them as a gift for a birthday, Father’s Day, or Christmas. You can find a variety of underwear and socks on the bodybranded.com website, along with other sportswear.

Note: bodybranded.com provided the items show in exchange for an honest review – all opinions remain unbiased and my own

8 thoughts on “Review: More Than Just Dad Socks and Pants

  1. Hahaha socks are the bane of my life too and we were only joking about this last night. My OH is the same as you and only ever gets cheap pants so I might treat him to some of these for Fathers day. They sound nice and I like that your feet were still fresh after a day as sometimes the cheaper cotton leaves feet a bit sweaty. Thanks for this. Informative and made me giggle too!

  2. My husband is in desperate need of new socks and boxers seeing as our new puppy as managed to put wholes in almost every piece of underwear we collectively own. I’m off to check out this site now and I might treat him to some nice new underpants

  3. Socks are a constant battle in my house. Not only does my wife steal mine but having boys and a girl in the house there’s just SO MANY! Literally hundreds of socks, most of which are lying around in the kids bedrooms somewhere.

  4. Fancy pants! Makes my tattered old boxers look a little shameful. At least I’m not getting my undies and socks mixed up with my 2yo daughter’s!

  5. Boxers and socks drive me crazy my son and partner both wear similar ones and I spend what seems like forever sorting them out. These look nice I might treat one of them and make my life easier!

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