Yes, that’s a question you never thought you’d ask yourself. Which one is better at dunking – a Bourbon biscuit or a Ginger Nut.

After a lengthy hiatus, it is now day four of the (not really) World Biscuit Dunking Championship. The last match up of the first round is here – who will be meeting Chocolate Digestive, Custard Cream and Shortbread in the semi-finals?

As a recap on the championship so far, I recently read an article in the Telegraph about the nation’s favourite biscuit for dunking and thought I could do better. With kids and hot chocolate.

Today we have two abominations of the biscuit dunking world. Firstly, a ginger nut shouldn’t go anywhere near a cup of tea – it’s far too fiery and will just contaminate. Secondly, Bourbon biscuits shouldn’t even be allowed out of the packet they’re so dull. But enough about my opinions, let’s look at the stats:

The dunkers:

NJ – expert in getting more Biscuit on his face than in his mouth, he has a brutal no nonsense dunking method. Some would go as far to say controversial.

Roo – a relative newcomer to the world of biscuits, but sports one of the most delicate dunking techniques seen for years.

The drink:

Sainsbury’s own Hot Chocolate, with extra milk and left to cool slightly. It’s an unconventional dunking surface, but a truly great biscuit should be able to adapt to all conditions.

The mugs:

Jane Foster specials (expresso/kid size), because all drinks seem to taste nicer in them.

So, let’s do this!

The Result!

For being world renowned for being crunchy, the Ginger Nut put in a woeful performance. It couldn’t even be bothered to spectacularly crumble, instead preferring to just dissolve a little bit.

Next match up: the semi finals!

Disclaimer: This post has not been sponsored by anyone, and any preference for a particular brand is purely down to my own choice. If any brands are reading, feel free to change this – I have a paypal account!

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