Welcome back.

It is now day THREE of the (not really) World Biscuit Dunking Championship. After a brief summer hiatus we are refreshed and ready to get dunking. It’s another miserable wet day at Chez ThreeTimeDaddy but perfect conditions for hot chocolate and biscuits.

As a recap on the championship so far, I recently read an article in the Telegraph about the nation’s favourite biscuit for dunking and thought I could do better. With kids and hot chocolate.

Rich Tea and Malted Milk have crumbled at the first hurdle, with Chocolate Digestive and Custard Cream marching into the semi finals (and the mouths of the kids)

Today we have two of the lesser popular biscuits our the household – the plain, boring and steady shortbread and the even more boring Nice biscuit. Not even a trace of chocolate to be seen, the lack of any flamboyance doesn’t bode well for the afternoon’s entertainment prospects.

The dunkers:

Big Bro NJ – expert in getting more Biscuit on his face than in his mouth, he has a brutal no nonsense dunking method. Some would go as far to say controversial.

Little Roo – a relative newcomer to the world of biscuits, but sports one of the most delicate dunking techniques seen for years.

The drink:

Sainsbury’s own Hot Chocolate, with extra milk and left to cool slightly. It’s an unconventional dunking surface, but a truly great biscuit should be able to adapt to all conditions.

The mugs:

Jane Foster specials (expresso/kid size), because all drinks seem to taste nicer in them.

So, let’s do this!

The Result!

The Nice biscuit has predictably flopped into a congealed mess. Too thin to withstand any serious challenge, it gave the shortbread biscuit a comfortable run into the semi-finals.

Who else will join them?

Next match up: Ginger Nut vs Bourbon

Disclaimer: This post has not been sponsored by anyone, and any preference for a particular brand is purely down to my own choice. If any brands are reading, feel free to change this – I have a paypal account!

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