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I love books. My wife loves books. My children love books. Books are awesome: big books, little books, dog-eared books, pop up books, borrowed books. It’s just… well sometimes… and I’m going to whisper this… after eight years I get a bit bored reading some of them.

Our kids’ bedtime routine has always included reading two stories before lights out. Over eight years of bedtimes that’s 5840 stories. Whilst our eldest has now graduated to reading his own stories at times, the routine has continued with Roo and has started once again with baby JJ. That’s thousands upon thousands of stories.

Now, we have a lot of books but nowhere near that many so I must have read some hundreds of times. There’s only so many times I can read about Mr Tickle. I always let the kids pick their bedtime stories and think it is important not to interfere with their choice. However, sometimes I die inside when certain ones are selected and I’m unashamedly guilty of skipping pages or paragraphs or simply just summarising the key plot points in as few a words as possible at times (if I can get away with it).

However, there are also books I will simply never ever EVER get bored of reading. Here’s my top five:

Hooray for Fish! (Lucy Cousins)

A simple story of a little fish meeting lots of other fish. It encourages counting, identifying patterns and opposites. When our first child was born this was one of the first books we bought – it has now been passed down to our other two kids, who absolutely love it too.

Green Eggs and Ham (Dr. Seuss)

Dr Seuss (aka Theodore Geisel) wrote this following a bet that he couldn’t write a story with 50 or fewer unique words. You would think it would get boring quickly, but the brilliant rhymes and pictures make it fun every time. I’ve even been known to quote it in everyday life to get my kids to eat something new. Not green eggs though.

The Snail and The Whale (Julia Donaldson)

Most people who think of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler will invariably think of the Gruffalo. I prefer this one. A delightful story of a snail who hitches a ride around the world with a whale and is about broadening your horizons and knowing that no matter how small and insignificant you feel you can still make a difference. All this in a five-minute read.

Oi Frog! (Kes Gray)

A relatively new book to our collection, it is a daft book about a Frog being taught ‘the rules’ of what he, and other animals, are allowed to sit on. It’s full of funny rhymes and Roo (4 years) finds it hysterical. It is usually read with the follow up ‘Oi Dog!’ which you should most definitely check out too.

My Dad (Anthony Browne)

I’m obviously biased with this one but it’s the best ‘dad’ books I’ve read. Whereas others often tend to be too gushy and over-sentimental, this one feels spot on and is full of lots of simple and funny pictures.

So this is my top five – what do you think? What would be on your list?

9 thoughts on “5 kids books I’ll never get bored of reading

  1. We love all Julia Donaldson books! I enjoy reading Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book – it has a nice rhythm to it.Then there’s Stick Man, Squash and a Squeeze… so hard to choose! Dogger and the Alfie books are great too, I love the illustrations. #mondaystumble

  2. You have a few new ones on here for me to check out, and that is exciting. For you, take a look at Zen Shorts, by Jon Muth. Awesome book. I even gift it as a book for adults. #mondaystumble

  3. Oh I love Snail and the whale too! Great book selection. Were a huge book loving family here too. I also have books I hate reading and will avoid if I can! Ha! And in this house, our bedtime story has been the exact same story every single night for a year!! As you can imagine, I don’t even need the book now, I just have it memorised. (That’s the book I read after lights out and they’re all tucked up by the way, we read others together before we go up).

  4. I’d have to add The Giant Jam Sandwich which I loved as a kid and pretty much force my boys to listen to whether they like it or not (luckily, they do!)

    Totally with you on Snail and the Whale – I love the rhythm of it.

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