We have been given the opportunity by the folks at Pure to review their dehydrated pet food. Stepping up to take the lead (see what I did there) is one of the lesser mentioned members of the family: Hugo, our Miniature Schnauzer.

pure pet food hoover hugo three time daddy
Say hello Hugo

Hugo is an amazing dog and great with the kids, but he is a pain when it comes to food.

He is fussy with what we give him and we’ve gone from brand to brand, wet food to dry, in the search for a type that he would lick his bowl clean for. We’re still looking after six years! Don’t get me wrong – he still eats, it’s just that he doesn’t seem to ever enjoy it and often refuses to eat out of protest until he remembers he’s starving.

However he is nowhere near as fussy when it comes to eating anything that isn’t dog food. Blink and it’s gone. Fortunately for him he lives in a household that has three kids. Every meal time inevitably leads to food ending up in either a child’s mouth, on a child’s face or on the floor. Hugo has this sussed and will sit poised for any wayward food to catch on the first bounce. We don’t call him Hoover Hugo for nothing.

Whilst it is great that we have our own floor cleaner, we need to cut out the bad habits and get him to eat his own food once and for all. So when we had the opportunity to try out Pure’s pet food I thought we had our solution.

Specifically aimed at picky and sensitive dogs, Pure’s pet food is different to the other types we have tried. It comes dehydrated, which means the moisture has been removed but the nutrients from all the natural ingredients are well preserved. All we needed to do was add water, mix it up and it was ready to eat in about 10/15 minutes. As all the ingredients and fresh and natural, it felt good knowing exactly what we were feeding him.

First impressions

pure pet food hoover hugo

We were sent the Chicken Dinner variety which contains:

  •  25% chicken
  • potatoes
  • parsnips
  • carrots
  • green beans
  • cabbage
  • apple

Real food, no grain or rubbish added to bulk it out. It sounds like my Sunday dinner minus the Yorkshire puddings. Mixing the water was easy enough, although obviously more work than just pouring dry food into a bowl. The 10 minutes waiting time wasn’t an issue either, considering Hugo can go 10 hours without eating his dinner! I was expecting it to smell awful like wet food does, but it doesn’t at all.

It’s labelled as ‘human quality food’ and although I didn’t attempt to verify this, it is probably the most pleasant dog food I’ve handled.

The Hoover Hugo Test

True to form, Hugo wasn’t entirely convinced by the new food appearing in his bowl, despite it looking the closest thing to human food that we’ve ever fed him. Maybe because it wasn’t on our own plates.

We tried gradually introducing it and mixing it with his current food, but he still seemed to be more interested in begging the kids for their pizza crusts or toast.

hoover hugo pure pet food three time daddy
Tucking in

However things soon changed when we looked after our friend’s Golden Retriever puppy one weekend. Compared to Hugo, he had absolutely no problem trying to gulp it down whenever no one was looking. The peer pressure and prospect of having his dinner eaten by another dog seemed to do the trick as Hugo finally began to eat it with less apprehension. In the end he ate most of it in one sitting and even came back to it before the puppy did.

hoover hugo pure pet food three time daddy
The Verdict

We had a 2kg box which is on sale for around £28. This initially seemed very expensive, but considering 2kg turns into 8kg when re-hydrated, the price is reasonable considering the quality of the food. As Hugo is only small the box is likely to last us a while and as an added bonus it saves on a lot of space.

If you’re interested, Pure are currently offering 40% off their starter packs with free shipping as well here.

Disclaimer: Although were sent the Pure pet food to review, all opinions are unbiased and our own.

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