I still remember the moment music first blew me away. I was watching a music channel with my cousin and the video for ‘You could be mine’ by Guns N Roses came on. Until then I was all about the child friendly novelty tunes – ‘Do the Bartman’, ‘Turtle Power’ etc. The energy in this song was incredible and like nothing I had heard before.

I was eleven at the time.

Most of you will have heard of Guns N Roses and know they are not the most child friendly of bands. Listening to them as an adult, I can’t believe that I was even allowed to listen to them and I didn’t notice most of the songs are about drugs and bitches. I obviously though Appetite for Destruction just meant demolishing a bowl of pasta or something.

Although my favourite bands have changed since, a love of music has continued and is something I’ve wanted to pass onto my children. We’ve always had a musical house and typically have either BBC 6 Music or Radio X on the radio, or Spotify playing when I can be bothered to link up my phone to a speaker.

NJ, our 7 year old has now reached the age where he is aware of band names and is developing his own taste in music. We’ve never tried to force particular bands or genres on him and bought him his own radio he could enjoy listening to it whenever he wanted.

Unfortunately for us, this has backfired. He has now discovered Capital Extra and it is pushing our child-led approach to the limit.

I’m not going to turn this post into an opportunity to sound like some old disapproving parent (or my dad) shaking his finger at the state music of today. However Capital Extra features the most horrendously auto tuned mess I have ever had the misfortune to hear. I’ve tried to tolerate it for the sake of my son, truly I have, but I last about 30 seconds before I want to throw the radio in the bin.

Despite this, NJ has independently gathered his own list of favourite songs and often wants to play them on Spotify whenever we have the radio on. The first time I allowed this I was… well… let’s just say Capital Extra must play the ‘radio friendly’ versions (I hope) but unfortunately Spotify doesn’t seem to have the same option.

The Top Five

NJ’s favourite 5 tunes, as at August 2017:

5 – All Around The World (feat Desiigner) – Mura Masa.

I have never heard of this song and it took some finding as he told me it was called either ‘Tudor world’ or ‘Chew the World.’ I might admit the chorus stuck in my head for a few days.

Awkward parent hoping they don’t have to explain the word n****r and shit rating: 3.5/5

4 – Distant Past – Everything Everything

Now I know this one. We actually all saw them at the Deershed festival in 2016 and I hoped it would lead to NJ loving more of the alternative music that is played on BBC 6 Music…

Argument over what the actual words are rating: 4.5/5

#3 – Gangman Style – PSY

I don’t think there is anything that hasn’t already been said about this. I thought this would go away by now but it is still unavoidable at kids parties.

Opportunity to play Minecraft parody version instead rating: 4/5

#2 – Starboy (feat Daft Punk) – The Weeknd

The song that started the downward spiral. A friend took NJ to a classical music workshop and he came back loving this because it was playing on their car radio. The irony.

Awkward parent coughing over words like n****r, motherfucking and bitch rating: 5/5

#1 – I win (feat Skepta) – Lethal Bizzle

The only words I can pick out in the whole song are literally ‘I win’. To be honest I’ve got to respect how anyone can say so many words so fast.

Parent feeling old and confused by what is considered popular music rating: 5/5

Asked why this was his top five, NJ laughed and said ‘because they are funny’.

Yep, FUNNY. I’m sure Mr Bizzle has always wanted his music to be called funny. Maybe my son is into novelty kids tunes after all.

Unfortunately for NJ, three of these songs are banned from Spotify due to the swearing and I refuse to listen to Capital Extra. A step too far? Should we censor what he listens to or continue to be open minded? Is it ok for swearing to be in the music he listens to? Am I being a hypocrite considering Guns N Roses probably made my parents’ ears bleed the same way The Weeknd does mine?

Let me know what you think.

5 thoughts on “Noise. Swearing. Spotify. Now that’s what I call music (by a 7 year old)

  1. Good read that. My Wee Girl is 3 and I am fascinated by what she will want to listen to when she’s older. We don’t let her watch music videos as there is always grinding, trying to get her into “good” music with her interest in my lps. But I’m sure she will like what will be utter pap to us, like you say as Guns N Roses were probably to your parents. Swearing wise one or two effs or Geoffs in an album seems ok to me.

  2. Great post Stuart. My hubby loves rap, r&b, (I’m guessing that’s what it is anyway!), Basically people speaking quickly and swearing. My twins have started singing the lyrics from one in particular, luckily a line that doesn’t have any swearing in it.
    But, if Dave is to continue listening to his favourite music within ear shot of the twins then it’s inevitable that they’ll pick up more soon enough, which I dread! So I’ve had to tell him to stop playing it.
    I’ve no idea what the answer is though for kids the age of yours, being that they have more access to different genres more easily.

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