Review: Globenfeld Antique Rose Watch

Globenfeld Antique Gold Watch Review

I must admit I’m not much of a watch wearer. I mean, I wear watches but it’s always been out of a functional necessity rather than wanting to make a statement.

As you can imagine, with three kids and a full time job, my life revolves around being at the right place at the right time.

I therefore jumped at the chance to write a review based on the Globenfeld Limited Edition Antique Rose automatic wrist watch.


Diameter – 43mm
Thickness – 13mm
Weight – 77g
Moving parts – 110

First Impressions

The watch feels heavy and robust, which is good because my kids wrecked two of my last three watches. It comes with a 5 year manufacturing guarantee too, for added peace of mind. Although I doubt a three year old using it as a car on the patio will be covered!

It has a wide and bright textured face and the although the numbers are small, the hour marks are large and easy to see. I personally found the face a little busy – as well as the normal minutes and seconds hands it has a 24 hour counter and a sun and moon display. Along with the textured face it just felt like there was a lot squeezed in but it certainly has a traditional ‘antique’ feel as the name suggests.

It is an automatic watch so it doesn’t have a  battery and needs winding up on first use or if it hasn’t been worn for a while. The leather strap feels thick and sturdy is comfortable when on the wrist. At first I thought the watch was quite thick – I generally prefer watched that are thinner and at 13mm I was worried it would catch or I would end up smacking it against a wall or something. Obviously they’ve had to squeeze 110 moving parts in there, but once on my wrist it didn’t feel too clunky and I soon forgot about it.


Even though it is not typically a watch I would choose, I did like the Globenfeld Antique Rose. With the classic and smart feel it would be perfect for work or going out for dinner, and would be perfect as a gift. I would just have to keep it away from the kids!

The watch is currently in the sale on Amazon priced at £79.99, reduced from £199.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Globenfeld Antique Rose Limited Edition Wrist Watch to review and all opinions are our own.

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