Welcome back to day TWO of the (not really) World Biscuit Dunking Championship.

It’s been a miserable wet day at Chez ThreeTimeDaddy. Conditions are atrocious but everyone should be able to stay dry enough to take part.

As a slight recap on the events so far, I recently read an article in the Telegraph about the nation’s favourite biscuit for dunking and thought I could do better.

With kids and hot chocolate.

The supposed nation’s favourite Rich Tea literally fell at the first hurdle, crumbling into a mug of hot chocolate while the Chocolate Digestive soldiered on into the mouth of a 7 year old.

Today we have two gargantuan’s of the biscuit world – the double power of custard cream against the solid malted milk.

Let’s look at the stats:

biscuit dunking championship custard cream biscuit dunking championship custard cream

The dunkers:

Big Bro N – expert in getting more Biscuit on his face than in his mouth, he has a brutal no nonsense dunking method.

Little Roo – a relative newcomer to the world of biscuits, but sports one of the most delicate dunking techniques seen for years.

The drink:

Sainsbury’s own Hot Chocolate, with extra milk and left to cool slightly. It’s an unconventional dunking surface, but a truly great biscuit should be able to adapt to all conditions.

The mugs:

Jane Foster specials (expresso/kid size), because all drinks seem to taste nicer in them.

So, let’s do this!

The Result!

Another shock in the first round. My personal Pre-Championship favourite Malted Milk gave an embarrassing limp performance, turning to a slushy mess before even getting started.

The seemingly impenetrable Custard Cream powers into the next round. Who else will join them?

Next match up: Shortcake vs Nice

Disclaimer: This post has not been sponsored by anyone, and any preference for a particular brand is purely down to my own choice. If any brands are reading, feel free to change this – I have a paypal account!

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