I’ve gone and done it!

    After a weeks thinking about it, and countless revisions later, my first blog is officially live here. If you’re already reading this you can’t really miss it.

    The strange sort of buzz sharing a few typed words has given me is surprising. I wanted to tap strangers on the shoulder and say ‘hey, did you know I have my own blog?’

    But then I noticed it was pissing down and wondered whether it was a good idea launching a blog today. Hopefully the level of grey, miserable wetness isn’t an omen…

    So what now?

    In ‘Designated Survivor’ (my current guilty pleasure), Keifer Sutherland, is the new American president and harps on about being judged after his first 100 days in office (apparently this is a thing in real life too). I thought this could be an idea I could use for this blog.

    What can you expect?

    As you can probably imagine, this blog is primarily about being a father to three kids aged 3 months, 3 years and 7 years.  I’ll be sharing a mixture of parenting posts, reviews, pictures and occasional random stuff. It will, most probably, be raining outside.

    Let me know you’re still reading this in 100 days!

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