Review: Flush Force Collectables
Flush Force Collectables If your kids are anything like ours, they will find most things toilet-related hilarious. In fact, one of NJ’s (8 years old) favourite jokes is ‘I’m going to stop making poo jokes: it is my number 2
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three time daddy body branded socks
Review: More Than Just Dad Socks and Pants
I must admit that since becoming a dad I think about socks a little too much. My life is a constant sock-related battle with failed attempts at matching them up, wondering how it is possible to have 53 odd socks,
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Randomise: draw, act or describe your way to victory!
The top two complaints from the kids in the Three Time Daddy household have got to be I’m hungry! and I’m bored! The latter is the most frustrating because NJ and Roo have countless books, games, pens and paints to
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Review: Pure Pet Food
We have been given the opportunity by the folks at Pure to review their dehydrated pet food. Stepping up to take the lead (see what I did there) is one of the lesser mentioned members of the family: Hugo, our Miniature
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Review: Globenfeld Antique Rose Watch
Globenfeld Antique Gold Watch Review I must admit I’m not much of a watch wearer. I mean, I wear watches but it’s always been out of a functional necessity rather than wanting to make a statement. As you can imagine,
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Day Out: Greenwood Forest Park
Greenwood Forest Park We recently had our first family holiday as a quintet in North Wales. Finding ourselves at a loose end on the final day, my wife suggested places to go.¬†‘How about Greenwood Forest Park,’ she asked. The words
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ONE condoms
Can ONE Condoms Save Me From The Snip?
Before I start my ONE condoms review, let me set the scene: Me: Hey Wifey, I’m going to start a blog about being a dad. Wife: Yes, dear. Me: And I’m going to write about family and parenting stuff, and
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